Can I Join Your Club? By John Kelly

Duck really wants to join a
club – any club. Even though
he tries hard to fit in, it just
doesn’t work: he can’t roar
like Lion or trumpet like
Elephant. So, Duck decides
to start his own club, with
his own rule – Everyone is
Welcome! Lesson learned?
When it comes to making
friends, being yourself is
what counts.

Discussion questions:

  1. What types of clubs did
    Duck try to join? What were the rules each club had? Why was Duck’s
    application denied?
  2. Duck still wanted to join a club, so what did he decide to do? What was
    his rule for joining his club?
  3. Which club do you think would be the most fun? Why?


  1. Divide class into several small groups. Ask each group to come up with
    an idea for a club, and a rule that would allow everyone to join it. (Ex:
    Cooking Club – if you eat, you can join). Use paper to make a poster for
    your club. Share with the class.
  2. Place the different club posters around the room. Set the timer and let
    the class wander around, signing up for the clubs of their choice. When
    the timer rings, all return to the carpet. Using the posters, ask different
    children to explain why they signed up for a given club.