Can I Play Too?

by Mo Willems
Grade K-2


Piggy and Elephant are about to start a game of catch when their friend Snake asks, “Can I play, too?” Both are puzzled by the request because Snake has no arms. But the three friends try hard to find a way to include everyone in the game. After trying different solutions, poor Snake is about to give up, saying, “Well, I guess I can’t play after all.” This is a wonderful read-aloud book with very funny illustrations.

Discussion questions from SOMN

  • Why is Snake so sad? What do you think Elephant and Piggy can do? How can they solve the problem?
  • Have you ever had to think of a new way to do something so that a friend could play with you?

Classroom activities from SOMN

  • Give each student a piece of paper folded into 4 squares. In each square, students write or draw:
    1. something they observed in the book,
    2. something they wondered about,
    3. a sensory description—smell, touch, etc.,
    4. how the story is like something they did or that happened to them.
    Allow time for all to share if they choose.
  • Let small groups of children act out parts of the book for the class.