Color of His Own by Leo Lionni

Every animal had its own
color – except chameleon.
Pigs were pink, elephants
were gray, but chameleons
change their color based
on their surroundings.
This was very confusing,
so Chameleon decided to
spend his entire life in the
same spot – on a green
leaf. However, when fall came the leaf changed colors and so did the
chameleon. Once spring came, he was able to meet another chameleon
who taught him that having a friend makes it easier to accept yourself for
who you are.

Discussion Questions and Activities:

  1. Work with a partner and find something that you have in common with
    each other.
  2. Now, work with your partner or group to find something that makes
    each of you special and unique. Using the board or chart paper, make a
    class list of things that make us similar and things that make us unique.
  3. After reading the book, ask children to draw a self-portrait to
    emphasize what makes him/her unique. Allow time for all to share with
    the group.
  4. Given a choice of different colored chameleons, have each student pick
    one and complete the following sentence about their choice: I would
    be a _ (ex: green chameleon) sitting on a _ (ex: leaf).