Different Is Awesome by Ryan Haack

A little boy brings his big
brother, born with only 1
hand, for Show And Tell.
The students ask him all
sorts of questions about
how he does things with
only 1 hand. They quickly
realize that he can do
anything they can, only
he does it differently. Along the way, the students see that we are all
different in one way or another.

Discussion questions:

  1. What are some things Ryan did differently?
  2. What would you have asked Ryan? How do you think he would have
  3. What makes you awesome? (record responses for later use.)


  1. Try to do something one-handed, like tie your shoes, put on your socks,
    etc. Was that hard? Were you able to do it?
  2. Pick something that makes you awesome. On a piece of paper, draw or
    write about what makes you awesome. Share with the class. (check the
    previous chart for ideas, if needed.)