I Don’t Want To Be A Frog by Dev Petty

This is the story of a young
frog with an identity crisis –
he wants to be anything but
a frog! It takes a meeting
with a hungry wolf for the
frog to decide that being
himself isn’t such a bad thing
after all.

Discussion questions:

  1. Why didn’t Frog want to
    be a frog?
  2. What did Frog want to be? Why?
  3. Why did Frog change his mind about being a frog?
  4. How did Frog feel about himself at the end of the book?


  1. Show the book trailer by going to Youtube and entering “I Don’t Want
    to be a Frog book trailer”.
  2. Sing “The Little Green Frog” song – again on Youtube.
  3. Pair children to draw pictures of each other. Write things you like about
    each other or about yourselves on your picture.
  4. Make paper plate frog puppets. You can paint white paper plates, or
    make it simple by buying green ones. Fold the paper plate, add googly
    eyes and a red tongue, etc. Google directions for many versions of this