Ish by Peter Reynolds

Ramon loves to draw – until
his older brother makes fun
of his drawings. Then one
day, he finds someone who
enjoys his work – his little
sister. From her he learns
that his drawing of a vase
doesn’t have to be perfect, it
just has to look “vase-ish”.

Discussion questions:

  1. How many of you love to
  2. Why did Ramon have trouble drawing after his brother made fun of his
    picture? What could Ramon have said to his brother?
  3. What does Marisol mean when she says that the picture is “vase-ISH?”
  4. What are some new ideas Ramon finds for his art once he starts to see
    the world in the new, ISH way?
  5. Could you draw a feeling, like Ramon did? What would happy-ish look


  1. Ish-ful Portraits: create an ish-ful portrait. Label them ishfully “Peterish”, “Tyanna-ish”. Class can partner up and do ish-ful portraits of each
  2. Math – estimation. Quickly show a group of items, not giving class time
    to count. Ask how many? 10-ish? 5-ish?
  3. Fold a piece of drawing paper into quarters. Have class write the name
    of something Raymond drew in each quarter (ex: tree-ish, house-ish,
    fish-ish, boat-ish). Let the class have fun drawing their own versions of
    things Raymond drew