One by Katherine Otoshi

This is a simple picture book
about the power of being
yourself and standing up to
bullies. It shows children
that one person can make a

Discussion questions:

  1. What does Blue think
    of himself? How does
    that change when he is
    around Red?
  2. What happened to Red
    when no one asked him to stop being mean?
  3. What happened when One stood up to Red?
  4. What does it mean “to count” – to feel like you have value? When was
    Red asked to be part of the group that counts?


  1. Using chart paper or the board, write “Every 1 counts!” The 1 can be
    very large and decorated with colors seen in the book. Underneath
    the 1, you can ask the class to come up with positive things to do when
    someone is being mean – “use kind words”, “be a good friend”, “ask a
    friend to play”, etc. Students can then use paper and crayons to make
    their own “Every 1 Counts” posters, signing their names under the
    positive response.
  2. Cut out red, blue, yellow, green, purple and orange circles and numbers
    from one to seven. Ask students to use the shapes and numbers to
    act out or retell the story of One. How did they feel acting out the
    different colors and numbers?