Sky Color by Peter H. Reynolds

Sky Color is a book about
looking at things from a
different point of view.
After observing the world
carefully, Marisol is inspired
to expand her thinking
about the color of the sky.
Prior to reading the book,
give the class a quick-write
assignment – draw and color
an apple. Sign the pictures
and collect them for later.
Now, read the book.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What part of the mural did Marisol decide to paint? What color was she
    looking for?
  2. Marisol watched the sky at different times of the day. How did her
    observations change the way she thought about the color of the sky?

Ask the class to think about what color apples are. Pass several different
types of apples around the class, asking children to look carefully at each
one. Ask again – what color is an apple? This time wait quietly for more
expansive responses. Pass out the first set of apple drawings, and ask the
class to turn the paper over and draw another apple, using the real apples
for inspiration.