The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires

The book “The Most
Magnificent Thing” is a
story about a little girl who
demonstrates perseverance
and imagination as she
tries over and over to make
something magnificent.

Discussion Questions:
Key vocabulary:
perseverance, imagination

  1. The girl in the story knew just what she wanted to make and knew just
    how it would look. What happened when the thing didn’t turn out the
    way she imagined it would? What did she do?
  2. Have you ever made something and had it turn out all wrong? What did
    you do?

Activity (two days)
Day 1: If you could make a magnificent thing for yourself that is not a
toy, but could help you in some way, what would it be? After a brief
discussion, let students pair up and draw/write about their ideas. Get
the group back together to share “magnificent” concepts with the class.
Brainstorm what types of materials you may need to construct your
thing. Encourage students to bring some of the materials listed from
home to use the next day.
Day 2: Look at the materials gathered and let groups begin to make their
“magnificent thing”, using their drawings/writing from the first day as a
guide. Allow time to share/present the objects to the class.