The Remember Balloons

by Jessie Oliveros
Grade K-4


This tender, sensitive picture book gently explains the memory loss associated with aging and diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Discussion questions from SOMN

  • In the book, the grandfather shares his memories with James. James becomes the keeper of those memories when his grandfather can’t remember them anymore. Whose memories would you like to have told to you?  How might you collect and keep memories of others?
  • What do you know about memory loss or Alzheimer’s Disease? Do you know anyone who has a difficult time remembering?
  • What’s your favorite memory? Does anyone share this memory with you?

Classroom activities from SOMN

  • Ask students to interview and collect memories from elders in their family or community. Have students share their best found memories.  Using pictures, words, or recordings make a collection of memories.
  • Watch the read aloud video of the book
  • Draw your favorite “balloon.” Choose a color for your balloon that connects to the memory. Share it with someone who has this same memory.