Wild About Us! by Karen Beaumont

Wild About Us is a cleverly
written and beautifully
illustrated book about the
celebration of differences.
Warty Warthog takes you
on a journey through the
zoo, looking at ways his
zoo friends embrace that
which makes them unique,
whether it is Elephant’s
long nose, or Kangaroo’s
huge feet. This book about
acceptance, self-confidence
and compassion will bring out the best in all of us.

Discussion questions:

  1. What are some of the words used in this book to describe the animals?
  2. How did they seem to feel about the way they looked?
  3. The animals in the book are “wild” about themselves. Why?
  4. What connection can you make to these zoo animals?


  1. Brainstorm different words used to describe the animals in Wild About
    Us! Add other descriptive words as appropriate to the list.
  2. Describe why you are wild about yourself to a friend. Now, draw a selfportrait showing why you are wild about yourself. Share your picture
    with the group.
  3. Using the list of descriptive words, draw a picture of an animal, focusing
    on the chosen word. Example: Drawing a zebra with lots of stripes or a
    crocodile with many sharp teeth.